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Well, well, isn’t this absolutely tremendous? If you’re here it’s either because you have a message that you would like to get out in to the world, you have already received one of said messages, or you’re more than a little bit lost and ended up here by mistake. Whatever your reason for being here, thank you for coming and please do feel free to have a look around.



Ooh, shiny

Although seemingly quite new to the market place, the rather smashing people behind UJD have an enormous amount of experience in digital marketing, getting the very best results for both your business campaigns and the e-mail data you've acquired over the years. 

Our data

All of the data that we send to has opted in to receive emails while signing up online on various websites. Using a bit of clever jiggery-pokery, we do our utmost to ensure that we send relevant campaigns and offers to the people who will want to read them – and for the most part we are rather good at that.

We're lovely

Unlike our peers, there will be no outlandish claims, David Brent-esque terms or fudging of results. We're a very much "what you see is what you get" sort of company, with huge plans for the future. Would you like a cup of tea?

The sun never sets on the Union Jack Digital empire (apart from at night), so if you ever feel like getting in touch – with a question, comment, complaint or just for a natter – then please do make the most of our top notch contact page.

Genuine Testimonials

Small online business

"Michael was a brilliant help to me - he worked so hard with me to ensure my email was correctly designed and formatted, and really went above and beyond. The level of service he provided was outstanding, so thank you very much!"

-Liz, Ficklecraftroom.com

Major UK Marketing Network

"UJD have proven they can deliver high quality service focused on lead generation / affiliate marketing since the beginning of our cooperation. Great results, quick service, transparency and a friendly approach makes UJD a pleasure to work with."

-Tom Eerden, ClickLabs


"What time are you going to be here tomorrow and will you want anything to eat?"

- Mum