About Us

Who the devil are we? That is a fine question. We are Union Jack Digital. Obviously. It's written all over the place, so I'm sure you've worked that out by now.


Founded in 2015, Union Jack Digital is the brain child of Michael Culham, a reasonably bright chap with a lot of experience in email marketing. After several successful years working for one of the UK's leading email marketing companies, he decided it was time to strike out and create an empire of his own.


The aim was to establish a company that did the basics very well and then build from that, while all the time sticking to a very strict set of core values and principals.


For starters, Union Jack Digital will always aim to be crystal clear on everything. If you’re a potential business partner or someone who is receiving our emails, at no point will we try to hide who we are, what we do and how we do it.