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Rupert Erskine


Email: Rupert.Erskine@unionjackdigital.com

Skype: rupert.erskine

LinkedIn: Rupert Erskine

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Rupert spent many years working in some of London’s top advertising agencies, with clients such as Nestle, PremiumSearch, Berkeley Homes, Icelandair, Wimpey and Parker Pens. He also ran a successful design and advertising business. After leaving Chime, he went client-side and was part of the 4 person management team which grew Dial-a-Phone’s annual turnover from £50m to £200m, and was responsible for an ad spend of up to £30m per year. No wonder he has no hair left.


Besides several successful commercial ventures, Rupert has been Head of Marketing at Infotex, after which he went into the affiliate marketing industry, rising to become Head of Network / Performance Marketing Director at Clickwork7.


Rupert joined Union Jack Digital in April 2017 to assist with the launch of Free Treats and to bring his wealth of contacts to the business. When not working, he can be found either writing short stories, skiing, out on his boat or at the gym.


Michael Culham


Email: michael@unionjackdigital.com

Skype: michael.culham

LinkedIn: Michael Culham


In charge of the email and website side of things, Michael Culham has turned his hand to pretty much everything you can think of over the last 15 years. Retail, hospitality, hotel entertainment, digital marketing... even Spanish football commentary - you name it, it's been done and done well.


After working for a large UK network for three years, heading up the email department and making some other people very rich, the time came in 2015 to take the jump in to the world of owning his own company. The aim is to try to reach the right customers with the right messages without annoying anyone along the way.


Given his lifelong passion for all things British, there was only one option open when it came to naming Union Jack Digital.